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☆ Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
☆ Ecological negative ion brick of pottery and
☆ Overhead-type anti-static floor
☆ Category 1
☆ Steel anti-static floor
Anti-static floor equipped with ventilation panels
OA Intelligent Network Floor
Category 8
☆ Category 4
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广 州:020-37225758

  Guangzhou huihua company after-sales service commitment

" Good quality, top-grade after-sales service" is a consistent and insistent market style of company, our prison chases the quantity pass on the production, strengthenning to inspect to check the strength with quality, trying hard for to exterminate each problem in the embryotic appearance, don't make an article fly to the market.Moreover, for guaranteeing the benefits of the customer betterly, also for making large customer used to the product of this unit have peace of mind, the province heart, trust, we do as follows after-sales service commitment:
A, have the obvious company  after-sales service telephone on the packing.010-88251988/020-37225788 or direct contact the marketing specialist.
Two, the anti-electrostatic product of the 惠华 practices to follow to make life long, the customer of every our company has the problem on the technique to the anti-electrostatic product, my company practices the free consultation and provides the solution.Any customer that purchases this product, not artificial damage and force majeure, we promise free maintain in a year.
Three, downtown of Guangzhou inside receive to maintain the telephone to request 24 hours in arrive upon the scene to guarantee the customer's normal usage.
Four, periodical, expect to carry on the customer back to visit uncertain, basis the customer's request, further improvement and perfect product design and quantities.
Guangzhou huihua Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.
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