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☆ Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
☆ Ecological negative ion brick of pottery and
☆ Overhead-type anti-static floor
☆ Category 1
☆ Steel anti-static floor
Anti-static floor equipped with ventilation panels
OA Intelligent Network Floor
Category 8
☆ Category 4
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Name: F6631-type anti-static ceramic - metal composite access floor
Category: ☆ Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
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4. To cooperate with the product development, the companys many years of experience in the design and construction, including ground network using conductive paste pad anti-static floor tile installation process, and make a reasonable grounding system design, to ensure reliable performance of integrated electronic protection. Completely solve the fire problem is a major feature of this product. Comprehensive supporting one-stop service.
5. Without interrupting operations room fire retrofit project is another characteristic of our company. Communications room of the fire hazard issue has aroused extensive attention. In recent years, the company used its unique technical advantages, has successfully developed a set of business operations without interrupting the fire room transformation of technology, and the successful completion of a number of communications hub, the fire room renovation project.
6. Through the use of the company in recent years ceramic anti-static flooring products and customers to conduct re-tested products in addition to maintain the appearance of good things, its anti-static main technical indicators, such as surface resistivity and resistance of such indicators as the system can maintain the in a good standard, and this is also the company&#39;s products can be an important factor to win customers.
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