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☆ Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
☆ Ecological negative ion brick of pottery and
☆ Overhead-type anti-static floor
☆ Category 1
☆ Steel anti-static floor
Anti-static floor equipped with ventilation panels
OA Intelligent Network Floor
Category 8
☆ Category 4
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Name: Anti-static floor ceramic composite activities
Category: ☆ Overhead-type anti-static floor
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Anti-Static Ceramic - Metal Composite access floor
1. Product Description :Anti-Static Ceramic - Metal Composite activities of the floor surface with 10mm thick anti-static floor as a surface layer of porcelain, with a wear-resistant, waterproof features, superior to similar products; the middle part of composite inorganic materials, waterproof, fire, the density higher ; the bottom of the back cover with the aluminum alloy; board conductive strip around the Edge, the whole plate thickness of 30mm. Fire performance of building materials meet national fire safety A level standard.
2. Product uses :For the next blast, laid down the line room on the ground, such as: computer room, microwave communication stations room, program-controlled telephone switchboard room, satellite earth stations room, radio control room, television transmitter control room, integrated circuit manufacturing clean workshop, electronic instrument factory assembly shop, precision optics manufacturing plant, hospital operating room and anesthesia rooms and other pipeline laying relatively concentrated and dust, anti-static place.
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