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☆ Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
☆ Ecological negative ion brick of pottery and
☆ Overhead-type anti-static floor
☆ Category 1
☆ Steel anti-static floor
Anti-static floor equipped with ventilation panels
OA Intelligent Network Floor
Category 8
☆ Category 4
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Name: Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
Category: ☆ Category 1
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Anti-static porcelain floor

1. Product Description
Beijing (Guangzhou) Electronic Engineering China benefits produced by an anti-static floor porcelain national patent product (Patent No.: ZL 03 2 42644 5), it is the use of high technology in the production of high temperature resistant inorganic conductive ultra-fine material will penetrate into the Ceramics within the physical modification. In the firing process after 1360 ℃ heat treatment, so the anti-static performance is stable, durable; make antistatic function to become a stable of special ceramic material.
Anti-static floor porcelain floor can be used as activities in the surface layer (see the activities of the floor section), may also be laid on the ground as an anti-static surface.
2. Features:
<br>Durable anti-static properties, A-class fire resistance, very cold very hot, high-abrasion <br> <br>Anti-static Performance: Surface resistance: 106 -109 Ω; body resistance :107-109 Ω • cm (special indicators can be a special processing) <br>Anti-fireworks sex: not less than 1600 ℃ <br>Abrasion resistance: 0.1g/1000 switch <br>Absorbent: &quot;0.5% <br>Very cold very heat-resistant: 15 ℃ -105 ℃, by 10 emergency thermal cycles does not appear visible cracks <br>Its anti-bending strength, anti-warping degree of good; anti-bending strength of&gt; 27Mpa (average), anti-warping degree of &lt;± 0.5% <br>With a smooth surface, color and elegant, structure, secure, non-deformation, joint small, dirt ability, easy to clean, good interchangeability and other characteristics; <br>Its anti-static performance and versatility of the anti-static PVC, melamine, rubber, plastic products such as anti-static compared to stability; <br>Floor Size: 600 × 600 × 10mm <br>Easy construction; <br>There are special requirements for static conductivity of the user, static indicators can guide the user reques
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