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Communication room on the environmental requirements
Update: 2009-6-23 9:32:04/Hits: 19925
Communication room on the environmental requirements
1, electrical environmental requirements
Electrical and environmental requirements mainly refer to anti-static requirements and anti-electromagnetic interference.
Anti-static internal communication equipment required a large number of semiconductor circuits using MOS, CMOS and other devices. As these devices are sensitive to static electricity range of 25 ~ 1000V, while the static electricity is often generated by static voltages as high as several kV or even tens of thousands of volts, enough to puncture various types of semiconductor devices, it should be the laying of anti-static raised floor computer room, floor stent should be grounded, the walls should also be made anti-static treatment, the engine room can not be laying carpet fiber types. Into the room in class to avoid wearing synthetic clothes into the room. Door normally should be closed and moved in the engine room when the movement of equipment and spare parts get lighter, and to minimize the number of walking back and forth inside the room to avoid static friction between objects in motion. For the long-run but not the regular cleaning of equipment such as UPS uninterruptible power supplies, specialized equipment to do a cleaning is necessary. In the long-term maintenance work, are sometimes met with alarm circuit board, if the circuit board to re-plug, clean out the dust around the circuit board pins, the circuit board will be back to normal.
Electromagnetic interference on telecommunications equipment, hardware and software are likely to cause damage, communications, electromagnetic radiation generated by the device itself would also impact on nearby electronic equipment. Therefore, the equipment installation, electrical equipment should be close to maintain a certain distance from the room should be taken when necessary, shielding measures to avoid approaching interference between electronic devices.
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