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Classification of anti-static floor
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Classification of anti-static floor
Anti-static floor of the main categories:
1, anti-static flooring straight
Direct anti-static flooring is generally divided into anti-static porcelain floor / anti-static and anti-static PVC floor tiles.
(1), anti-static porcelain floor / anti-static tiles
Ceramic tile production process in general, based on the burning quality of the process of incorporation of anti-static features in physical modification of powder, so anti-static performance, stability, and resistance to 5-th power in 10 to 10 9 ohm-th power between the and the construction of convenience, to increase the laying of aluminum foil on the floor below or the Copperbelt better able to enhance the conductivity. The advantage is anti-static performance, stability, abrasion resistance, aging, long life (20 years), A-class fire protection, easy to clean, is currently very popular in the market, but the country as a whole can produce very few manufacturers to obtain national patent of the manufacturers of Guangzhou Hui-Hua Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd..
2), anti-static PVC floor
Using sheet (600 * 600) or membranes directly Stones, anti-static performance, more stable, but easy to aging, does not stain, is not easy to clean.
Second, the activities of anti-static floor
Anti-static raised floor is generally based on the substrate and the veneer material division. Backing the steel base, aluminum, composite base, particleboard base (wood-based), such as calcium sulfate-based. There are also anti-static plastic flooring, anti-static network floors. Here's the market several types of flooring used to do briefly.
(1), anti-static ceramic - metal composite access floor
Use anti-static anti-static polished porcelain floor or transferred as a surface layer, composite steel floor or cement particle board composite material, it has anti-static performance is stable, A-class fire protection, high wear-resistant, high life expectancy (60 years), high load (concentrated load over 1000kg), waterproof, moisture and other properties, applicable to all types of rooms, drawback is that the floor itself is heavier (15kg one floor above).
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