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☆ Anti-static ceramic floor tiles
☆ Ecological negative ion brick of pottery and
☆ Overhead-type anti-static floor
☆ Category 1
☆ Steel anti-static floor
Anti-static floor equipped with ventilation panels
OA Intelligent Network Floor
Category 8
☆ Category 4
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广 州:020-37225758
About us  
Beijing (Guangzhou) HuiHua electronic engineering Company is giving priority to technology exploitation, combined by technology, craft and business, specializes in manufacturing  anti-static engineering materials,researching and developing anti-static engineering equipments,  coordination-supplying , desigining anti-static project and making construction project for electronic workshop and computer room.
On the basis of taking the lead in sucessfully developing the series of anti-static floor materials and anti-static access floor , and in allusion to the shortcoming of the poor durability and fireproof for traditional anti-static floor materials, our company exploited the innovative series products of  anti-static ceramic floor and ceramic-metal compound access floor. They have their unique functions, these products won many national patent certificates, and be sold to more than 20 provinces and cities of our country and Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan regions.
We have a high-quality designing and constructing team for anti-static projects. Till now we have succeeded in carry on more than 300 projects of constrution for workshops and computer rooms in various provinces of our country.
Business Scope of our company is as follows: manufacture anti-static ceramic floor, antistic ceramic-metal compound access floor; engage in the engineering of  system,network information ,integrated wire-assembling ,electronic equipment-installing for electronic workshop and various kinds of electronic computer rooms.
Guangzhou huihua Electronics Engineering Co., Ltd.
北京总部: 010-88251988 13901092781 广州分公司: 020-37225758 13902294776